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Ask yourself? Do I need good CREDIT? Do I want a new Home, Car, Truck or just a Loan? Every American desires and deserves to have all the above without having to pay some ridiculous rate of Interest for it, Or have to ask your Mom, Dad or someone else for help. Without good Credit Scores, unfortunately your credit will stop you in your tracks. If someone says I can help get you financed ask them what it will cost you by the end of your contract? You buy a Truck, Car and you want your payments. (Under $500.00 a month) Look at this Example $20,000 at 5% = $377.00 a month with Zero DOWN at 60 months. Same truck BAD CREDIT! $20000 at 24.99 % would cost you $498.00 at 72 months with $1500.00 DOWN at the END of Contract you Will have paid an extra 12 months and $35678.00 A $13,033.00 Difference (Good Credit) or (Bad Credit) Mistakes like this MUST STOP IN YOUR LIFE AND IT HAS TO STOP NOW! IT IS time FOR YOU to make a change in your credit life. Stop worrying about things you cannot change. Stop the unrest in your mind and body the stress of trying to pay old collections and charge offs, when you have a car that is trying to stop working on you, the landlord asking for past due rent and everything around you is falling apart, and out of all you still have to put food on the table and keep the lights on, so you can take a hot bath after a long day’s work. This is something YOU can do.

Clear Credit has helped Hundreds of Thousands just like you get back to Financial Freedom. I (Michael Lovett) has been helping for a long, long time. I opened Clear Credit LLC in October 2003, but even before that working on consumers credit for nine years for free, putting this process together I was a finance director / manager and seen the Mistakes someone was making on your credit files. And that is why Clear Credit is rated #1 in this industry. Clear Credit LLC has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2005. Clear Credit is the First Licensed Credit Counseling Organization in America that does Credit Repair. Ask your self this. How has Clear Credit been helping so long and still has an A+ with the BBB why can you go to Clear Credit South Carolina Face Book and no one is knocking them down or giving bad reviews. WHY? BECAUSE CLEAR CREDIT WORKS! But you Must get STARTED NOW! 

At $29.95 a month How could you not Start Now. You can start and stop when you want but you must start. I know a lot of people do not like putting their debit card or credit card on the internet, but let me reassure you, the platform you are inputting on is through / First Citizens Bank and we do not ask for a Social Security Number or your date of birth, one of our representative will call or email you for any other information we may need to Clear your Credit. Also, you will notice at the TOP OF THE PAGE THERE ARE (4) OPTIONS YOU CAN START AS LOW AS $29.95 TO $99.95 Pick the one you can afford now. Clear Credit will work with you, just get started. 

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